Over the next few weeks, I would like to compile a set of case studies on the most innovative schools in the UK.

Some suggestions so far:


  • Monkseaton High School
  • Cramlington Learning Village
  • Priory Community School
  • Bowling Park Primary
  • Hillyfield Primary Academy
  • Clevedon School


If you would like to nominate your school or know of a school that should be included, please do let me know through the comments box at the bottom of this page or sending an email via the contact page.

The types of innovations that I am interested in must have positive impact on student outcomes.  Not just change for the sake of it.

Evidenced based is great, but so is genuine risk-taking that resulted in improvements.

The UK has some of the most innovative schools in the world.  As I travel the globe, lucky enough to work with education systems across many countries, I am struck how often the UK is held as an example of excellence.

So please do get in touch if you think you know of a school that should be included in this paper.

Perhaps the physical environment has been changed to create new types of learning spaces, or technology is being used in a way that truly makes a difference to learning, perhaps the curriculum and the organisation of student groups is tapping into a way of accessing deeper learning.  Whatever the innovation, I'd be really glad to hear about it.

The result will be a paper, to be shared with all.