Multiples, Factors and Primes

Understanding Reciprocals

Finding Estimates

Multiplying by Numbers between 0 and 1

Dividing by Decimals

Finding Percentage Increase and Decrease

A as a Percentage of B

Calculations with Mixed Numbers

Calculating with Fractions

Sharing a Quantity in to a Ratio

Ratio and Proportion Problems



Multiplying out a Bracket

Expanding two Brackets

Index Laws

Finding the nth Term of a Sequence

Solving Linear Equations

Solving Linear Equations Involving Fractions

Trial and Improvement

Rearranging Formulae

Finding the Gradients of Straight Lines

Recognising the Equations of Straight Line Graphs

Drawing Graphs of Quadratic Functions

Solving Inequalities

Representing Inequalities


Finding Area and Perimeter of Circles

Finding the Volume of a Prism

Finding the Surface Area of a Prism

Converting Between Measure of Area or Volume

Properties of Quadrilaterals

Solving Angle Problems Involving Parallel Lines

Calculating Exterior and Interior Angles in Polygons

Rotating Shapes

Translating Shapes

Enlarging Shapes

Comound Meaures

Accuracy in Measure (Upper and Lower Bounds)

Constructing a Perpendicular Bisector

Constructing an Angle Bisector

Constructing a 60° Angle

Using Pythagoras' Theorem

Constructing Loci


Finding the Mean of Grouped Data

Finding the Median Class of Grouped Data

Finding the Modal Class of Grouped Data

Comparing Distributions Using Average and Range

Drawing a Line of Best Fit on a Scatter Diagram

Understanding Relative Frequency