Prove You Are a Genius

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Solve the puzzle to open the file
  • Last update: 07 September 2011
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This excel file came attached to the following email: Only genius people can open this file.......once you succeed to open this file, you will find names of the people who have managed to open this...... Try your luck!

How to open attached file?

  • There is a bus with 7 girls.
  • Each girl has 7 bags.
  • In each bag, there are 7 big cats
  • Each big cat has 7 little cats.
  • Each cat has 4 legs.

Question: How many legs are presentin the bus?

Number of legs is password to open attached file.

If you will open the file, write your name on the list inside, and send this email to your friends to let them solve this riddle.

Please don't share the correct answer.

My children found it very exciting to solve the puzzle to open the file! They spent a lot of time discussing the number of legs, how many people, and any possible tricks to the question!